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Mr Miller's Miscellany

Entertainment and educational excursions,
featuring Mr Miller and Friends

Duncan Miller, proprietor of Random Acts Ltd, has developed a number of specialist entertainment and educational packages, suitable for a variety of events and venues.

A Good Read

Looking for an old-fashioned literary evening?  We can provide a pair of enthusiastic readers with a selection of appropriate texts and excerpts.

Why is it Funny?

A 90-minute lecture on some aspects of humour, suitable for a general audience as well as those studying performance and comedy.

Stories of Science and Tales of Technology

Why did a Kansas City undertaker invent the automatic telephone exchange in 1893?
What is the connection between malaria and the colour mauve?
Mr Miller, entertainingly, takes you through the highways and byways of science and technology via the fascinating stories behind the inventions and discoveries that have changed the world.

Recorded Sound - the First 30 Years

Using original equipment and examples, and, indeed, live demonstrations, Mr Miller introduces a modern audience to the world of sound recording as it was prior to the introduction of the microphone and amplifier in 1925.  Suitable for general audiences, those studying the history of music and those engaged in the current business of recorded sound.

Master of Ceremonies

Mr Miller is available to act as Master of Ceremonies for your event.

Edwardian Disc Jockey

If the ambience of your event would benefit from live music played using well-maintained, 100 year old, equipment, then Mr Miller can provide this.  He has cylinder phonographs and records for the true Edwardian experience, and gramophones and discs from the 1920s and 1930s, depending on your theme and venue.

Vocal and Public Speaking Coach

Mr Miller can help you prepare for your important speech or presentation by providing suitable one-to-one coaching and has helped clients with improving their speech and reducing their nervousness.